A copy of Le Soir with your Brussels Airlines ticket

A new kind of newspaper kiosk was launched on Monday, one that offers digital versions of the day’s news for those heading to the airport. From now on, passengers’ time on-board could well be spent comfortably reading their favorite e-newspaper.

On July 1, the Rossel (Le Soir, Sud Presse and L’Écho) and Persgroep (De Morgen, De Tijd and Het Laatste Nieuws) groups joined forces with Brussels Airlines to offer access to the digital versions of their newspapers with the purchase of an airline ticket. In concrete terms, what this means is that all on-line reservations now entitle travelers to read the digital version of certain newspapers on the day of their flight(s) for free.


For us, it’s an extra service that we’re offering to our customers, whatever the type of booking, whatever the destination,” explains a Brussels Airlines representative.


As far as the media groups are concerned, a potential readership of 200,000 (those that book on-line) – one that can be contacted for special offers – now becomes available to them, out of the 500,000 people that travel across Europe and to Africa and the USA via Brussels Airlines every month. At the end of the on-line reservation process, as the customer is registering on Brussels Airlines’ website, a red button now appears offering free access to the downloadable papers.


After signing up, the passenger is sent a code which, on the day of his flight, allows him to download Le Soir and its various services (PDF version, 5 o’clock edition, special picks reserved for subscribers), or other newspapers, onto every possible medium (PC, tablet, smartphone etc.). This also applies for the day of the return flight.


In addition, after answering a few simple questions, it will also be possible for the traveler to extend his access to Le Soir to the day after his trip(s).


Within the airline industry, this offer, which is available to all ticket categories and all bookings made involving an originating flight from an airport served by Brussels Airlines, builds on the recently announced AF Press-Air France offer, but in a much more limited fashion. Over time, the goal of the e-newspaper kiosk will be to also supply magazines and foreign newspapers, and to extend the services and types of information offered to travelers by publishers.




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