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Summer 2013 will be the coolest of all summers, while 2012 was a real head-scratcher – “Can I wear a trikini if I have big hips? The tankini is a has-been, but how about the monokini?” This year, there’s only one trend, not two, not three, and it’s this one: the 50s bathing suit.

Devilishly vintage, with flounces, polka dots and a bustier in which you know you can’t swim, do a cannonball off the diving board, or play the fool trying to stand up on an air mattress.


With Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth or Lana Turner’s one-piece suit, you are the queen of the beach. You pose, you strike attitudes reminiscent of Beyoncé in H&M’s last beach campaign, wearing a straw hat, with a cocktail complete with a paper umbrella in one hand and an electronic cigarette in the other – like Anne Bancroft’s “Mrs. Robinson.”


This summer we are all femme fatales. To accomplish this, we plunder real or virtual shops and take advantage of the still-fresh sales. The biggest swimsuit brands follow the trend, emphasizing a high waist, very high, well above the navel and up to the mid-ribcage. To try it is to buy it. With it, curves at the hip and tummy will go unnoticed.


These glamorous and retro styles can be found on, a magazine specializing in beachwear. There, we learn, among other things, that “the financial crisis has affected all economic sectors except, astonishingly, the swimsuit market.” According to a study conducted by the marketing firm NDP Group, the sale of swimsuits remains stable instead of tumbling like the clothing industry in general and sportswear in particular,. The reason- fantasy. A swimsuit is an impulse buy, linked to enjoyment, a concept that is not dependent on the crisis. In other words the more designers involve the imagination in this area, playing with colors and cuts, the more they waterproof their industry from the recession. Isn’t that nice?


The Pin Up Attitude site imports clothing inspired by the styles of the 50s directly from the United States. The clothes are vintage but new, “for you: wasp waists, bountiful cleavage, and unending legs.” There are also Bettie Page-style skirts and dresses, and one-piece swimsuits that are both rock’n roll and sexy in a delicious lingerie spirit.


The most fanatic or daring surf, a platform that sells secondhand and original styles from young creators in a thousand different areas. In the swimsuit department are knotted bandeaus, high and tight shorts with polka dots, ruffles, or made of satin…


As for prints, themes include the tropics, safaris, and Hawaii with prints of plants, palm trees, coconuts, birds of paradise…everything you need to bring Honolulu to Blankenberge.



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