Daily Archives: 28 October 2013

Walloons jump on Lubumbashi

Liège, Durban, Katanga: the same battle! Walloon minister Jean-Claude Marcourt breaks from the Belgian economic mission in South Africa and Angola to praise the expertise of Walloon businesses and universities in Lubumbashi. The South Africans are also interested.

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Ecolo’s plan to alleviate shortage of preschool openings

Deferred indexing miraculously puts €12 million into the Community’s pocket. Ecolo co-president Emily Hoyos proposed to flow the funds into creating 3,000 new openings in Brussels preschools now suffering from shortages.

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Child pornography on demand explodes through Skype and social media

Two men were asking children to perform pornographic acts on webcam. They were paying parents around thirty dollars.

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