Mylène Farmer, intergalactic star

  • Four years after Tour 2009, Mylène Farmer is back onstage. It’s a rare event.
  • Timeless 2013 will visit Belgium November 13, 15 and 16 at the Heysel’s new Palais 12.
  • We saw this futuristic show in Paris.

Thousands of people crowded in front of the Bercy sports facility in Paris. Some had been camping for days. The hall was packed. As soon as Mylène made her entrance in her white wig, the image used in the Timeless 2013 tour poster, the beautiful redhead’s fans seemed bewitched.

For over three decades Mylène has been piling up successes: albums, singles, concerts, tours. Over 420,000 tickets were sold for 39 shows in France, Switzerland and the three nights in Belgium. A few minutes late, just enough to build the excitement, the star appeared out of an enormous tunnel that recalled the Cern particle accelerator. Under a magical light show, she began a meticulous and astounding concert with “A force de.”

Dancing robot arms almost three meters tall transformed Bercy into a giant nightclub. Mylène was queen of the dance floor and made sure everyone knew it. Laurent Boutonnat was the director, and it was obvious. Yvan Cassar, the show’s musical director, did not disappoint her ever more demanding fans.

For those who have never been to one of the fifty-something’s concerts, it was a revelation. Mylène has only one goal: to please others and herself, even if she doesn’t communicate much. She spoke only about a hundred breathless “thank yous.” Onstage, she performed her entire repertoire, including cult hits “Désenchantée” and “Sans contrefaçon,” as well as titles from her latest albums, including “Monkey Me” (no less than 450,000 copies sold.) Mylène is untouched by globally dropping record sales.

The frenzied choreography performed in Jean-Paul Gautier’s original costumes still left room for emotional moments. The singer stepped away from the six Adonis-like dancers several times to sing duets. One was a virtual duet of “Sleeping Away” with Moby, and one was a cover of “Mad World” with the remarkable Gary Jule. Her efforts were a success: the entire hall was on its feet. Mylène shed a few tears, stopped singing and whispered, “excuse me, it’s too emotional.” Too bad if lots of people thought it was fake, we want to believe her.

The crowd left Timeless 2013 dazed. It was a rich experience and it stays with you. Fans got their time and money’s worth. Mylène Farmer has been a stage animal for thirty years and we secretly hope she’s a bit of a vampire, so we can keep seeing her for a very long time.


Seats are still available for November 13 and 15. Information is available at or 090000456.

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