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Ryanair in Brussels: are Europe’s skies becoming low-cost?

A “half-empty” airport and a “too small” Brussels Airlines: Ryanair comes to Brussels Airport and shakes up Belgian skies. The arrival of the low-cost Irish airline on the Brussels tarmac risks two collateral victims: Brussels Airlines and Charleroi Airport. Both … Continue reading

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Europe and Moscow engaged in Ukrainian tug-of-war

The leaders of the 28 member states of the European Union are meeting for a summit in Vilnius attended by six former constituent republics of the USSR. The “partnership” project is all at sea since the U-turn performed by Ukraine, … Continue reading

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Guy Verhofstadt, a serious candidate for Commission president?

All of the various European political families are set to determine their “super-heads of list”. Verhofstadt’s declaration was expected.

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Critical day for children’s right to die

A vote on extending the law on euthanasia to children is on the Senate committee agenda today. A majority of senators are expected to vote in favor. But the decision may be reversed in plenary session.

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